Sit That Ass On This Face - Nyxon And Sinn Sage

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Description: i'm cuddling and kissing my lover Nyxon, caressing her hot body when i decide she definitely needs my pussy and ass on her face. i crawl up and plant my pussy directly on her face, covering her entire face with my ass and pussy. i tease her with it, lifting up and down on top of her face, and she inhales deeply, enjoying my scent through my black g-string. soon, i absolutely must her her sit on my face, and she is more than happy to oblige me. i get so wet at the smells that envelop my whole world while my lover sits on my face with her tiny, lacy g-string. after a while, i move her so i can sit on her face the other way, and she stops me to take a deep whiff of my armpits, and i inhale hers as well, before sitting my ass directly on her face and bouncing up and down on it, giving us both a huge sexual thrill. now this is what i call some good foreplay! Category: FACE SITTING Related Categories: SMELL FETISH, LESBIAN, ASS FETISH, ARMPITS, BODY KISSING Keywords: sinn sage, nyxon, butts, big butts, big tits, kissing, body worship